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  • What does Xe Om stand for?
    • Xe Om Tour is  motorbike taxis in Vietnam.  Our xe oms are very unique however because all our drivers are women who wear beautiful Vietnamese dresses and can speak fluent English!

  • Do I drive my own motorbike on the tour?
    • No.  All of our guests ride pillion behind one of our driver/tour guides.  It is illegal for foreigners to drive in Vietnam without a Vietnamese driver's license. International drivers licenses are not recognized by the Vietnamese government.  

      We also do not recommend anyone not familiar with local traffic patterns and rules (or lack of rules) to attempt to drive in Vietnam.  If you get into an accident most travel insurance companies will not cover you if you do not have a legal Vietnamese drivers license.

      Riding pillion is a great way to relax and to safely see the city.  All our female guides are fully licensed and have terrific driving records!


  • Why are all your drivers female? Aren't men stronger and better drivers?
    • We won't argue that our female drivers are stronger than men, however it is our opinion that Vietnamese women are much more cautious, safe, and conscientious drivers in comparison to the Vietnamese men. They generally drive slower, don't swerve in and out of traffic nor run red lights as often as you see the men do. Over 90% of the motorbike accidents we've seen involve men, not women.